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Led Street Lamps Are Dangerous??

Public Health England has warned that high levels of blue light in LED street lighting can be uncomfortable and are ‘known to cause damage to the retina’

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NLC Meeting

We had a nice number of people turn out for our meeting with the founder members of the National Leasehold Campaign group in February.

There were many fascinating things we found out during the evening and some excellent advice was given. We will be putting to print what we’ve learnt in due course so keep checking back here to see.

New Council Bins Installed

Finally… We have had some council bins installed on the top estate on Clifton Avenue & Coleman Road. We had asked for more but unfortunately we only managed to get 2 for now. Councilor Paul Rogers has confirmed there are more on order.

School Plans Delayed...Again

The school plans for Brymbo-Park have yet again hit a stumbling block.

It’s difficult to get to the bottom of it, but it looks like a land transfer issue again. We hope to have more on this as we get it.

YET Another Brymbo-Park master plan!

Remember this headline from last year?

“Residents in Brymbo have been encouraged to get behind an ambitious development that will not only transform the village, but the whole area.”

Well, they’re at it again. Only this time they mean it. And we’ve heard that one how many times now?

So the last consultation was flawed in that they didn’t follow guidelines, really? BDL and Wrexham County Council getting things wrong, who’s have believed it eh! So anyway they need your input, your suggestions, ideas and thoughts. Don’t hold back, and while we’re at it, let WCC(Wrexham County Council) know exactly what you think of these plans, them and their planning exploits so they can be under no illusions. So at this point we suggest any correspondence is duplicated or WCC is cc’d in any email you may send to Barton Willmore so there can be NO confusion as to who said what to whom etc. 

And we’ll leave the earlier post below so you can read it through again if you so wish.

A public consultation was launched September at Brymbo Enterprise Centre in which Brymbo Developments Limited revealed its proposals to build, not just hundreds of new homes, but a whole new village centre, with a much needed school at its heart.

The company is also working with Brymbo Heritage Group to transform some of the area into a major heritage attraction with a fossil forest, narrow gauge railway, country park and learning centre.

James Cannon, one of the Directors of the company said it was a massive opportunity and the former steel works site was great and explained how important it was to get the right mix of uses on it.

He said: “It’s not just about dumping a load of houses with no infrastructure, because that doesn’t create a community.

“We’ve worked hard to get the right balance and first hundred houses will will be affordable housing, which I think is very important.”

The plans will also see the transfer of land from the company to Brymbo Heritage Group and includes the transformation of the old machine shop into their new headquarters.

He added: “The other vitally important aspect of the development is the school, with the idea being to get rid of the existing site and have a 420 place primary school.

“This sort of the start of the process, we hope to get a planning application by the end of October, and then really get moving.”

Gary Brown, Manager of the Brymbo Heritage Trust said the plans were the culmination of 20 years of hard work between the group and owner of the land and said he was delighted that the two different aspects of the development had now been brought together.

He said: “It’s a big moment as all aspects of the development are now converging and we’re pretty much ready to go on our side of things, but the success of the commercial side will also help us secure more funding, as effectively, what they’re creating will provide a bigger footfall for us.

“When the steelworks closed in the 90’s, it created a hole in a doughnut effect for the villages that surrounded it, so I’m delighted that these plans will breath new life into the whole area.

Brian Stapley, a lifelong resident of the Brymbo and former worker at the steelworks said it was important for people to get on board the development and support it as it was vital for future generations.

He said: “It’s got to be supported, because we’ve been in limbo for far too long. It’s not a case of us and them, we’ve got to do this for the communities because it’s the whole area that will get the benefit of this.

“What I’ve seen of it so far, and listening to other people inside, I’m quite happy with it, there’s one or two things that I think need a bit tweaking, the same as any other plan, but most people seem to think it’s a really good idea.”

Councillor Paul Rogers, who represents Brymbo, welcomed the consultation and encouraged residents to have their say on the proposals.

He said: “I am pleased Brymbo Developments Ltd are consulting on their latest proposals.

“I am pleased residents from Brymbo and Tanyfron have the opportunity to have their say and I look forward to their feedback.”


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