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we are the PBRA

The "PBRA" Plas Brymbo Residents Association are a group of Residents seeking to improve our community
We always need more people to help grow the presence of the PBRA and we urgently require volunteers for our events team.
We are here because we want our voices to be heard, there is nobody fighting in our corner and if there is no one fighting for us we don't have a say.
So, we have to help ourselves and by being a part of the PBRA we and you can really make a difference to our community.
We actively engage with the local and county council, we have very close ties with the Brymbo Heritage Trust(see below)
We are in contact with BDL(Brymbo Developments Limited)
And we are also in constant dialogue with Scanlans who work for the Management Companies still run by Taylor Wimpey.
The reason we do this is simply because we care.
Please join us if you can.

Brymbo Heritage Project

We work very closely with the BHT, and here is their work in their own words.
There are many, many people making Brymbo Heritage Area and our Roots to Shoots projects come to life. The whole operation is being led by Brymbo Heritage Trust. It’s the Charitable Incorporated Organisation that was set up by the management committee of Brymbo Heritage Group in August 2017. It is a registered charity and has the following purposes:

To promote for the benefit of the public the preservation, protection and improvement of historical artefacts, structures, buildings and landscapes which are of historic or architectural importance relating to Wrexham’s industrial history.

To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation of the Brymbo Fossil Forest
To advance the education of the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Brymbo and adjacent areas
The promotion for the public benefit of urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation and in particular Brymbo by the following means; To provide education, training and re-training opportunities and work experience, especially for unemployed people
To provide, maintain and improve recreational facilities To provide public amenities

The Trust provides the direction for the Brymbo Heritage Project.
The Trust has 8 trustees and employs 11 staff and a Trust Manager. In total more than 80 volunteers help make it all happen.
We’re always open to more people joining us.
Potential trustee? Contact Nick Amyes, our Chair of Trustees at [email protected]
Potential member of staff? Contact Gary Brown, our Trust Manager at [email protected]
Potential volunteer? Contact Lynze Rogers, our Activities Coordinator at [email protected]
We all share a single FREEPHONE incoming phone number with numbered options to reach us – 0800 722 0981.
More Info can be found by clicking on the Icon to the left..

IN the wild

The "banks" or "slopes" which is the land off the lower estate between the Brymbo Heritage Centre and Lodge, is a fabulous place to walk, cycle and also a great place to look for all the unusual plants and animals that have adapted themselves to living in hedges and urbanised areas.
There are so many interesting small creatures and wonderful plants to seek out on our estate and the surrounding area. As the woodlands have decreased over the years, the animals in them have become more adapted for living in and around hedges.
Almost all groups of animals may be found in a hedge, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and many invertebrates.
Get out there, have some fun, and find out about the animals that live in our community. Click here on the Ladybird to find out more...

Orchard Project

Brymbo Heritage Group are working with Welsh Perry & Cider Society to create a heritage apple & pear orchard on the old Brymbo steel site to make cider.
We are hoping to plant fruit trees around the estate to provide more diverse trees and plants.
To find out more and get involved, Click the "Orchard Project" above.

it's All About the area

We want a place to live that we can all be a part of, be proud of and on that thought, last year we organised and held our first ever Family Fun Day. It was a huge success and following on from that we had Halloween Tents on both estates which again was a resounding success.

This year were are going bigger and better, but we can not do it without your help. We need people to step up and muck in so we can give this community the fun and love it deserves.
Please see our events page for more detail

Brymbo is a large village/local community, part of Wrexham County Borough in Wales. It is a village situated in the hilly country to the west of Wrexham town, largely surrounded by farmland. At the 2001 Census, the population of the community area (including Brymbo village, along with the villages of Tanyfron and Bwlchgwyn and a number of rural hamlets) was 3,482, increasing to 4,836 at the 2011 Census.
It is also the name of an electoral ward of Wrexham County Borough, whose population (including Brymbo and Tanyfron only) was 2,653 at the 2001 census, increasing to 3,981 at the 2011 Census.

The area was formerly heavily dependent on coal mining and steelmaking, and the Brymbo Steelworks, which operated between 1794 and 1990 was a prominent industry for the village and much of the surrounding area.
The area had a strong community spirit and at least three major railways (GWR, LNWR, LNER) made it an active center of the area.
The History Brymbo, possibly from the Welsh Bryn baw ("mud hill" or "dirt hill") first appears in records in 1339, although the area had clearly been occupied for centuries beforehand (see "Brymbo Man").

At this stage Brymbo was a township covering a considerable area and containing a number of scattered settlements, farms, commons, and "wastes", or uncultivated areas.
In 1410, the burgesses of the local settlement of Holt were granted the right to dig for coal in the wastes of "Harwd" and Coedpoeth, "Harwd" another early name for Brymbo, came from the English name "Harwood" ("Hare Wood") and referred to a common in one part of the township.

Sometime in the fifteenth century, landowner Edward ap Morgan ap Madoc, gentleman, built a dwelling in the township that was later to become Brymbo Hall, the home of his descendants the Griffith family.
For more information about Brymbo, click on the people icon to the left.

Our Photo Collection

The best way to show what we do and the fun we have is to highlight some of our photos from the events we’ve held.